Feed-in Tariffs to but cut by 50%

Free solar panels have become big business in the UK with companies attracted by the large returns on investment. Using a pv solar calculator to review the new results is becoming more and more important as profits can be reduced by 50%

Abrupt changes to PV feed-in-tariff (FIT) policy have spurred the U.K.’s solar sector to take action in order to protect its livelihood. Our Solar Future, a U.K.-based industry organization, plans a mass lobby of Parliament on Nov. 22 in response to significant planned reductions to the country’s FIT levels.

“This is an opportunity for people across the industry – as well as from environmental groups and other supports – to meet their [members of Parliament] and protest about the savage cuts to support for solar,” the group wrote in a blog post. The protest is the latest of several public and industry objections voiced against U.K.

Climate Change and Energy Minister Greg Barker’s Oct. 31 announcement of major solar subsidy reductions that are scheduled to go into effect Dec. 12.

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New Organic Solar Cells are now being produced

Solar panels are plaged by low efficency however as technology increases we are begining to see an increase. Organic solar panels could be the next step not ownly do they ahve a higher efficeny but can be produce cheaper. Standard PV stands at around £1.20 per watt, this could be reduced to around 50p per watt. A hole roof could be covered in panels.

The project aims to formulate and implement in tandem organic solar cells with longer life, increased levels of solar conversion efficiency, and reduced production levels. The project X10D works with a goal of making organic solar cell technology in line with the market and competitive thin-film solar.

IMEC tandem organic solar cells on glass plates with a power conversion efficiency at 5.15%. Credit: IMEC

Organic solar cells promise to have the basics such as the level of energy production and lower manufacturing costs necessary for the successful launch of a new photovoltaic technology. However, currently available technologies for organic solar cells do not work well in closed conditions and suffer from low conversion efficiency of solar energy and do not correspond to the efficiency of silicon photovoltaic technologies dominate.

The project X10D use a new type of manufacturing technology, materials, design and architecture in an attempt to improve the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cells to 12% at the cellular level and 9% at the module. The project aims to improve the life of the modules that use OPV glass for 20 years and leaves of 10 years and reduce the cost of the modules of less than 0.70 / watt-peak.

The project will collect the sun’s technology and expertise to companies in Europe, the well-known research institutes and universities. It will also take advantage of exclusive services of OPV research and development team, which deals with both small molecule based OPV technology and solutions developed. This project is part of the value chain, such as cycle life, energy, design, encapsulation, laser etching equipment and procedures, new transparent conductors, large area deposition processes and equipment, device development and classification of the time, and material development and up-grading.

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PV Solar Calculator

Solar power is among the most clean and most sensible forms of renewable power that we have available at this time. Solar electric systems, which are also referred to as photovoltaic or PV systems, are dependable and pollution-free. PV devices generate electrical power from the sun’s rays by absorbing photons (small packages of light) and using them to energize electrons. The electrons can be made to cruise through a circuit as electricity.

One of many great things about a Solar PV system is that they call for very little upkeep. The aren’t any moving components which could wear out or break like in more traditional power producing systems so solar PV systems last longer..some for as many as 30 years and up.

Solar PV systems are awesome because you don’t ever use up all your fuel. Since they use energy from the sun you should have fuel for at least the next several billion years. And you don’t need to worry about fuel price fluctuations as well. Light from the sun is totally free! Now needless to say you will definitely spend some money at the start getting the solar PV system set up and working, but because of advancements in PV technology recently, solar power is beginning to be rather financially appealing for homes and businesses.

If you’re contemplating going solar, you will likely want to do a little more exploration. There is a lot of good information available as well as handy tools like a PV solar calculator that will help you determine the amount of electrical power you might get from a particular array. Solar power is undoubtedly a terrific choice and is also smart, clean, and green!

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